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No matter how far from us you are, when we say we have you covered,” we truly mean it! With our full-service experience, you’ll have peace of mind that your Kootenay property is taken care of!

Dear Clean-Scene DKI;
Thank you for your super job on our large house after the water back-up from the Septic Tank.
My husband and I live down here in Vancouver and we rent the house to a really nice young family.
For us it seems so easy to have the disaster cleaned up and ready to put back together.
You even checked the wall behind the kitchen, which I wouldn't have thought to look at.
The work was done thoughtfully and quickly so the tenants didn't have to move out with their young child.
I'm excited about having the house put back together with new flooring and all the rest of the material new and looking great:)
The panic, worry and frazzled nerves that comes with a flood disaster is massive. However your whole crew came in
with great hard work and speedy decisions and you clean and put the whole house back together and it looks like nothing
bad has happened.
If anything ever happens again that needs your expertise we will not hesitate to call Clean-Scene DKI:) 😁🏡🛠🌞
Thanks a million:)

Gordon & Susan LCastlegar/Vancouver